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  1. We can draw maximum ____________ sided Polygon with the help of Polygon Tool in PageMaker
  2. Choose View > Show Master Pages to display the Master Pages palette.
  3. Before placing an In-line Graphic we have to place the cursor after selecting the Text tool.
  4. Alt+Ctrl+P shortcut key is related to Page Numbering.
  5. We can set the value of maximum ___________ for Orphan Control
  6. There are ________ type of Leading Method in PageMaker.
  7. The shortcut Key of Show Pasteboard is _________ in PageMaker.
  8. We can create Gradient color in PageMaker
  9. To get set by set print out in PageMaker we use
  10. By double clicking on Pointer Tool, we get Preferance Dialog Box.
  11. The shortcut key of 400% zoom view in PageMaker is
  12. To change the page number style, we have to click _______ button inthe _________ dialog box from the…
  13. .PageMaker is a Product of Macromedia
  14. Indents and Tabs option provides _____ types of Tab.
  15. We can work with two types of graphic in PageMaker.
  16. We can change the format of page number.
  17. Template file extension in PageMaker 6.5 is ____.
  18. We can set the value of maximum __________ lines for Widow Control.
  19. In PageMaker Shortcut key of Superscript is
  20. The default extensions of PageMaker file is .p6.5
  21. We can change the value of default Autoleading in PageMaker.
  22. We can sort the pages of publication.
  23. The shortcut key of Paragraph Specefication is ___________
  24. Maximum Undo level is 9999.
  25. The keyboard shortcut for Force Justify is ______ .
  26. We can change the margin of an existing file, from _______ dialog box.
  27. Short cut key for Reverse command is Shift + Ctrl + V.
  28. In pageMaker the minimum target output resolution that we can set is
  29. The shortcut key of Edit Story is Crtl+E.
  30. Short cut key for Reverse command is Ctrl+Shift+R