On the global retirement index of 43 countries, India has ranked:

A. 23rd

B. 28th

C. 33rd

D. 43rd

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  1. A research team led by Dr Pinaki Panigrahi has found Probiotic Bacteria that could protect newborns…
  2. Punjab government has decided to appoint which cricketer as DSP with the state's police?
  3. Which country won the U-15 SAFF Football Championship recently?
  4. Which country Imposes World's Toughest Law Against Plastic Bags recently?
  5. Which Asian country has formally launched its first overseas naval facility in Djibouti, an East African…
  6. Google has launched its new android operating system _____.
  7. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has signed an agreement with _______ to promote technical…
  8. Name the supercentenarian who passed away on August 11, 2017.
  9. Who dedicates to nation 11 completed highway projects in Rajasthan?
  10. The National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) has launched Android Skill Development programme with…
  11. NABARD has conferred the 'best performance award' for 2016-17 to which regional rural bank?
  12. Who has been appointed as the new Ambassador of India to the Republic of Kazakhstan?
  13. Which state government has decided to end interview in all the non-gazetted posts of Group B, C and…
  14. Ustad Hussain Sayeeduddin Dagar, a classical vocalist and one of the leading exponents of Dhupad tradition,…
  15. Who has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Air India for 3 Months?
  16. Who is appointed as the next High Commissioner of India to Cyprus?
  17. For Which issue 10th India-European Union Counter meeting took place recently?
  18. Which country to host 2017 G7 Interior Ministers summit on security issues?
  19. Who has been appointed as the new non-executive Chairman of Infosys?
  20. Which day is observed as International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition?
  21. Who has been appointed as Executive Director of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI)?
  22. The Aurora Solar Energy Project is being constructed in which country?
  23. Which ministry sets up Task Force on Artificial Intelligence recently?
  24. Who among the following veteran journalist has bagged the first Kesari Media Award?
  25. Which company has announced the launch of Virtual Customer Service (VCS) model in India?
  26. Name the first state in the country to implement coal utilization between power units.
  27. India's first private missile production facility, KRAS was unveiled in Hyderabad. The unit is a joint…
  28. What is the colour of the new Rs. 200 note?
  29. Who has will be the new Vice-Chairman of NITI Aayog?
  30. Usain Bolt has been stunned as he finished third in the 100 meters final of World Athletics Championship…