One kg of carbon monoxide requires 4/7 kg of oxygen and produces

A. 11/3 kg of carbon dioxide gas

B. 7/3 kg of carbon monoxide gas

C. 11/7 kg of carbon dioxide gas

D. 8/3 kg of carbon monoxide gas

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  1. The compression ratio is the ratio of
  2. The amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water through one Kelvin is called
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  6. A tri-atomic molecule consists of __________ atoms.
  7. The relation between Young's modulus (E), shear modulus (C) and bulk modulus (K) is given by
  8. When a gas is heated at constant pressure
  9. The value of 1 mm of Hg is equal to
  10. The energy stored in a body when strained within elastic limit is known as
  11. The change in the unit volume of a material under tension with increase in its Poisson's ratio will
  12. When coal is first dried and then crushed to a fine powder by pulverising machine, the resulting fuel…
  13. Proof resilience per material is known as
  14. One kg of carbon monoxide requires 4/7 kg of oxygen and produces
  15. The specific heat of water is
  16. Stirling and Ericsson cycles are
  17. The layer at the centre of gravity of the beam as shown in the below figure, will be
  18. The efficiency of Carnot cycle depends upon
  19. The following cycle is used for air craft refrigeration
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  21. The distance between the centres of the rivets in adjacent rows of zigzag riveted joint is known as
  22. The entropy may be expressed as a function of
  23. An adiabatic process is one in which
  24. A cube subjected to three mutually perpendicular stress of equal intensity p expenses a volumetric strain
  25. Impact strength of a material is an index of its
  26. The efficiency of Diesel cycle with decrease in cut-off
  27. Which of the following materials is most elastic?
  28. The process is adiabatic, if the value of n in the equation pvn = C, is
  29. The lower layer of the beam as shown in the below figure, will be
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