One method by which the components of air can be separated is

A. shaking with caustic soda solution

B. shaking with water

C. fractional distillation of liquid air

D. passing air over heated magnesium

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  1. The substance preserved under water is
  2. Real gases tend to become ideal Under
  3. Laughing gas is
  4. The hormone which absorption is increases glucose oxidation and glucose
  5. Two or more entirely different compounds having the same molecular formula are known as
  6. One of the ingredients of the paste on the side of a match box is
  7. Phosgene is a compound of
  8. Concrete is a mixture of
  9. Which of the following cannot be used for the preparation of soap?
  10. Which of the following types of water gives lather easily with soap?
  11. The poisonous nature of carbon monoxide is due to
  12. Solid carbon dioxide is used
  13. Biogas is obtained during
  14. The depletion of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is due to -extensive use of
  15. If people sleep in closed rooms where charcoal fire is burning, they die due to
  16. Which one of the following is present in the largest amount in terms of per cent by mass in the earth's…
  17. Which among the following is a solid non-metal?
  18. The compound which is both an antiseptic and a disinfectant is
  19. Which among the following gases present in the air discolours brass nameplates?
  20. Harmful bacteria in drinking water cannot be destroyed by
  21. Isotopes differ in the number of
  22. Plaster of Paris
  23. According to the modern Periodic Law, the properties of elements are periodic functions of their
  24. The substance most abundantly found in sea water is
  25. The formula for cane sugar is
  26. On chemical analysis, a bottle cork is found to contain primarily
  27. The noble gas which is present in microscopic quantities in air is
  28. The Carbon dioxide is absorbed by
  29. Which of the following is a regenerated fibre?
  30. The alloy added in the preparation of steel contains