One mole of nitrogen at 8 bar and 600 K is contained in a piston-cylinder arrangement. It is brought to 1 bar isothermally against a resisting pressure of 1 bar. The work done (in Joules) by the gas is

A. 30554

B. 10373

C. 4988.4

D. 4364.9

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  1. The expression, nRT ln(P1/P2), is for the __________of an ideal gas.
  2. Entropy change in case of reversible adiabatic process is
  3. Gibbs-Helmholtz equation is
  4. Specific volume of an ideal gas is
  5. For the reversible exothermic reaction, N2 + 3H2 2NH3, increase of pressure would
  6. If heat contents of CH4, C2H4 and C3H8 are -17.9, 12.5 and -24.8 kcal/mole respectively, than ΔH…
  7. Air enters an adiabatic compressor at 300K. The exit temperature for a compression ratio of 3, assuming…
  8. In the reaction; N2 + O2 2NO, increasing the pressure will result in
  9. Heat of formation of an element in its standard state is
  10. The change in __________ is equal to the reversible work for compression in steady state flow process…
  11. In any spontaneous process, the __________ free energy decreases.
  12. The work done in isothermal compression compared to that in adiabatic compression will be
  13. Any substance above its critical temperature exists as
  14. If two gases have same reduced temperature and reduced pressure, then they will have the same
  15. The third law of thermodynamics states that the
  16. Thermal efficiency of a Carnot engine can approach 100%, only when the temperature of the
  17. If two pure liquid constituents are mixed in any proportion to give an ideal solution, there is no change…
  18. The quantitative effect of temperature on chemical equilibrium is given by the
  19. Pick out the Clausius-Clapeyron equation from the following:
  20. In the equation, PVn = constant, if the value of n = 1, then it represents a reversible __________ process.
  21. Joule-Thomson co-efficient for a perfect gas is
  22. Pick out the correct statement.
  23. Joule-Thomson co-efficient depends on the
  24. If different processes are used to bring about the same chemical reaction, the enthalpy change is same…
  25. When a system is in equilibrium for all possible processes, the differential or finite change of entropy…
  26. Pick out the wrong statement.
  27. For a stable phase at constant pressure and temperature, the fugacity of each component in a binary…
  28. Change of state namely evaporation condensation, freezing and melting is an __________ process.
  29. The unity of Planck's constant 'h' in the equation, E = hv is
  30. The molar excess Gibbs free energy, gE, for a binary liquid mixture at T and P is given by, (gE/RT)…