One of the following disease cannot be prevented by the DPT (triple-antigen) immunization of children.

A. Tetanus

B. Tuberculosis

C. Whooping cough

D. Diphtheria

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  1. The insects do not have blood pigments because
  2. Late Blight' is a disease that affects the _______ crop.
  3. Origin of species was published by
  4. Lecuminous plants are recommended for rotation of crops because they
  5. The part of the brain in Control of Voluntary muscles is
  6. One of the sequences given below represents a complete metamorphosis. Which one is it?
  7. Phenylketonuria is an example of an inborn error of metabolism. Thins error refers to
  8. What are the symptoms of 'Pellagra'?
  9. The influenza vaccine was discovered by
  10. The aphotic zone means that light is
  11. Bird nu is a disease which affects and spreads through
  12. For which of the following is insulin treatment given?
  13. The mode of nutrition in which particulate food is devoured is
  14. Which one of the following seeds can benefit a patient of diabetes mellitus by normalising his blood…
  15. The hormones are carried to target organs through the
  16. Ecology of a population is known as
  17. The radicle of the seeding always grows
  18. Bio indicators are
  19. The liver destroys old
  20. Which among, the following is a solid lubricant?
  21. The cell theory of Schleiden and Schwann states that
  22. The deficiency of Vitamin A which leads to poor vision during night is termed
  23. The mouth of a river opening into the sea is termed as
  24. Which among the following is a balanced fertiliser for plants?
  25. When the earth was formed it had an atmosphere with
  26. India's first transgenic crop was
  27. The external ears of man are intended for
  28. The rate of heartbeat is accelerated by the hormone
  29. Eosinophil™s are stained by
  30. Kwashiorkor' is caused by deficiency of