One of the following sentenses is correct. Tick the correct answer.

A. Fifty rupees is enough for the Job

B. Fifty rupees have enough for the Job

C. Fifty rupees were enough for the Job

D. Fifty rupees are enough for the Job

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  1. I remember that____ bought the fruits from ____.
  2. That man ____left leg was amputated, suffers from diabetes.
  3. If you heat water, you ____ steam.
  4. None of us knew the answer, ____
  5. The meeting has been _____ due to the demise of the Minister.
  6. Does ______ know that _____ was absent?
  7. Today is sunday. Ankush and Aayush ____ in their garden.
  8. At the moment you _____ an English exercise.
  9. I taught ____ to draw.
  10. Our friends, ____we invited to party, arrived rather early.
  11. She cooks for ____ everyday.
  12. No doubt, Ammu ____ het mother.
  13. Oue cousins ____ to see us next Sunday.
  14. Rashi ____ the newspaper every morning on the train.
  15. Kangaroos, ____ use their pouch to carry their babies, are found in Australia.
  16. The Bank ______ at 9.30 every morning from Monday to Friday.
  17. The teacher said to the class, "When ____ finished your work, please pass ____ up to me."
  18. Shreya has cat;____likes to play with ___.
  19. When I ____ her last, she was living with her aunt.
  20. She could not _____ with her husbands people.
  21. You must explain ____ more clearly.
  22. The accident occurred when the passengers _____.
  23. Please tell_____ _____have obtained a degree in Chemistry.
  24. We thorpughly enjoyed ____ at the party on sunday.
  25. Sanya usually _____ the house on Saturdays.
  26. Aditi ____ three languages: English,French and Spanish.
  27. I will inform to your father. Rewrite the sentence correcting error. Select the correct option -
  28. Would you mind ____the suitcase, Sir ?
  29. ____ can swim because ____ has webbed feet.
  30. My brother and I bought ____ some apples.