Select the most appropriate set of words from the given choices to fill in the blanks.

One of the major critiques of the examination system is that it ___________ to a spirit of ___________ competition among the students.

A. results, defective

B. accompanies, adequate

C. develops, intense

D. takes, severe

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  1. Raj was _____________ introvert and would prefer to sit in the library rather than go out with friends.
  2. The varsitys poll process for ___________ of new candidates has ___________ poor response with only…
  3. He lost confidence and _________ of the deal at the last minute.
  4. It is not fair to cast___on honest and innocent persons.
  5. Is not learning superior ____ wealth ?
  6. Few professions can ___________ the sheer variety and constant ___________ of being a doctor.
  7. Nabeesa was not_____ by the criticism and paid no_____ even when her best friend talked against her.
  8. Jacob was a rich old man who lived_____ alone in a huge house because his children did not care about…
  9. A child is the future of a family _________ nation.
  10. It is the role of the state to ____ crime and protect people and property. If the state is unable to…
  11. The manners and ___________ of the nouveau riche is a recurrent ___________ in the literature.
  12. Modern music doesn't king ______ to longevity, sometimes it is hard even to remember what the biggest…
  13. There are not solitary, free-living creatures ; every form of life is ______ other forms.
  14. Despite his _____ he had to suffer.
  15. China is a big country, in area it is bigger than any other country __________ Russia.
  16. Can you please __________ my web site just before I publish it ?
  17. The treasure was hidden ______ a big shore.
  18. Ill take ______now as I have anothers appointment some where else.
  19. Mr. Murugan has been in this college ________ 2010.
  20. The valley is known for its ________ growth of vegetation.
  21. Although I was _________ of his plans, I encouraged him, because there was no one else who was willing…
  22. In a ___________ tone, the leader made a powerful ___________ to the mob.
  23. Man is still a____in the labour market.
  24. My India by Corbett deals ______ the authors familiarity with and love of India.
  25. _____ between labour and management is inevitable in any industrial society.
  26. It is not ______________ for a man to be confined to the pursuit of wealth.
  27. Take this medicine regularly and you will get rid __________ this disease.
  28. Sam asked me to keep this secret ___________ .
  29. The deceased left _______ children.
  30. The prisoner showed no _________ for his crimes.