Oparin is known for his hypothesis on

A. origin of species

B. origin of life

C. one germ one disease

D. one gene one enzyme

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  1. Which one of the following is caused by the expression of a recessive gene present on sex chromosome?
  2. The phenomenon of summer sleep by animals is called
  3. Calcium and phosphorus assimilation will depend on sufficient intake of
  4. The Green Revolution in India owes much to
  5. The spider spins its web from a liquid secreting from its
  6. During dehydration, the human body is usually lost by the human body is
  7. Mutations could be created by X-rays. This was found by
  8. Bird nu is a disease which affects and spreads through
  9. The cellular and molecular control o( programmed cell death is known as
  10. The enzyme that is necessary to bring about clotting of blood is
  11. Oxygen transport is a function of
  12. Plants growing in saline marsh habitats are called
  13. Which one of the following is not caused by bacteria?
  14. When the earth was formed it had an atmosphere with
  15. The ultimate substances to which the carbohydrates are degraded are
  16. The counting of RBC's can be performed by
  17. Saliva flows at the sight of food. This action is
  18. Deciduous forests are those with trees
  19. Nekton are those organisms
  20. Vestigeal organs are those which are
  21. What is an antigen?
  22. The natural defence of our body against foreign germs is formed by
  23. The age of a tree can be determined by
  24. The deficiency of Vitamin A which leads to poor vision during night is termed
  25. The biogenetic law was proposed by
  26. Late blight of potato is caused by
  27. Who is called the father of modem antiseptic surgery?
  28. Sex linked genes are carried by
  29. Which among the following cows give maximum milk yields?
  30. The gestation period for the elephant is