Organisms that depend only on raw plant products are said to be

A. herbivorous

B. vegetarian

C. carnivorous

D. omnivorous

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  1. The life cycle of Malarial Parasite consists of two phases in man. Where do they occur?
  2. Chromosome theory of inheritance was propounded by
  3. The counting of RBC's can be performed by
  4. What are the symptoms of retinal deficiency?
  5. Plants growing in saline marsh habitats are called
  6. The principal reason why it is better to have two eyes than one is that
  7. The involuntary muscles are controlled by the
  8. The heart of the human embryo starts beating in the _____ week of its development.
  9. The human heart is
  10. Which of the following diseases is considered as completely eradicated from India, as no case of the…
  11. The external ears of man are intended for
  12. The acid that is secreted in the stomach is
  13. The latest drug for cancer is obtained from
  14. Milk fever in cows occurs due to lack of
  15. Savannah is
  16. The cavities of the brain are filled with
  17. Oparin is known for his hypothesis on
  18. What are top carnivores?
  19. Which one is called anti-haemorrhagic vitamin?
  20. Temperature treatment which shortens the vegetative period and hastens the flowering is called
  21. In movable joints the tips of the bones are covered with
  22. The amount of blood in a normal man is about
  23. pH of blood remains constant due to
  24. Antisnake venom is prepared by
  25. The science dealing with diseases of plants is called
  26. Organisms that live in the deep sea are mainly
  27. Animals that feed only on dead flesh are
  28. The suggestion that the chromosomes are the carriers of hereditary material was first made by
  29. When a movement of a plant organ is stimulated by contact with an object, it is termed
  30. Necrosis is a symptom which is recognised by