OSPF uses __________ as a metric.

A. Bandwidth

B. Delay

C. Cost

D. Hop count

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  1. PPP can do all of the following except ___________.
  2. With _________ switching, the switch reads the destination MAC address of the frame andimmediately starts…
  3. RIP supports load balancing for up to __________ ___________ paths.
  4. Which of the following are not features of ACLs?
  5. Which router command clears all of the static translations in the address translation table?
  6. A routing protocol that supports route summarization must perform all except which of the following?
  7. Which of the following is false concerning CHAP?
  8. When using debug with PAP, which of the following message types might you see?
  9. If you see a VC with an inactive status, this indicates ____________.
  10. Which of the following is true concerning ACLs?
  11. Which of the following is a disadvantage of SANs?
  12. __________ allows you to distribute connection requests destined to a single IP address to multiple…
  13. You are given a MAC address of 01A2.0482.FE12. What is the OUI value in binary?
  14. If you wanted a list of parameters for the show command, you would type ________.
  15. Annex A is which LMI standard?
  16. When connecting a switch to a router, use a ___________ cable.
  17. When using the show interfaces command, which Frame Relay information can you not see?
  18. Which control sequence moves the cursor to the end of the line?
  19. A _________ uses Gigabit Ethernet as a media type
  20. The OSPF process ID is __________.
  21. EIGRP uses the _________ algorithm to update its routing table.
  22. You examine your interfaces, and the Ethernet 0 interface status says: Ethernet 0 is up, line protocol…
  23. When configuring your terminal emulation software for a console connection, set the flow control to…
  24. ___________ defines LAPD, which is responsible for the data-link layer connection between the router…
  25. Which type of traffic is not flooded?
  26. __________ states that if a neighboring router sends a route to a router, the receiving router will…
  27. Extended IP ACLs should be placed as close to the ____________ device as possible.
  28. Choose the following that a standard IP ACL can match on.
  29. You have a total of five routers. ________ circuits are required to fully mesh the network, where every…
  30. _________ negotiates the data link and network layer protocols that will traverse a PPP connection.