Parliamentary system in India has been borrowed from which country ?

A. America

B. Britain

C. Australia

D. Ireland

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  1. The Fundamental Rights in our Constitution are inspired by the Constitution of
  2. Vote on Account is a grant voted/passed by Parliament
  3. The Directive Principles of State Policy of India have similarity with
  4. Monthly salary of President of India is
  5. Members of Constituent Assembly were
  6. Who among the following Indians was the President of the International Court of Justice at Hague
  7. Aristotle, the father or Political Science, believed that the State continues to exist for the sake…
  8. The Supreme Court consists of a Chief Justice and
  9. Universal Adult Franchise makes a government
  10. Who will decide the office of profit ?
  11. Who is known as the First Law Officer of India ?
  12. Which one of the following made the Indian Legislature bicameral
  13. The Finance Commission is premarily Concerned with recommending to the president about
  14. Under which constitution amendment, 10 fundamental duties of the citizens were included in the constitution…
  15. The Cabinet Mission to India was headed by
  16. Which among the following is/are appointed by the President of India ? 1. Vice-Chairman of the planning…
  17. In which year did the Supreme Court of India dismiss the petitions of the cement, fertilizer and sugar…
  18. The most controversial amendment passed during the emergency was
  19. Which of the following was not the work of the League of Nations
  20. In the general elections to the 13th Lok Sabha, the Congress Party secured
  21. Who was the Chairman of the Constituent Assembly of India ?
  22. Number of Panchayat Samities in West Bengal at present is
  23. Chief Justice of High Court is appointed by
  24. whole or any part of India for implementing international treaties
  25. In which of the following countries are direct democratic checks such as Referendum, Initiative and…
  26. Consider the following statements 1. In the Lok Sabha, 12 members are nominated by the President of…
  27. Money bills can be introduced in the state legislature with the prior consent of
  28. Panchyati Raj is organised at the
  29. To be eligible for election as President of India a person must have completed the age of
  30. Individual liberty is best reflected in a