Percentage of argon (by volume) in dry atmospheric air is about

A. 0.09

B. 0.3

C. 0.57

D. 0.94

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  1. Quartz is a __________ material.
  2. Wrought iron does not have
  3. Which of the following materials has the maximum shrinkage allowance?
  4. One ton of refrigeration is not equivalent to the heat removal rate of
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  9. Pick out the correct statement.
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  13. Sacrificial anode method is used in the protection of pipelines which are buried underground. Sacrificial…
  14. Inertial forces are obtained, when the elastic forces are multiplied by __________ number.
  15. Joule-Thomson co-efficient is the ratio of
  16. Temperature attained in soldering of metals is about __________ °C.
  17. In the acid Bessemer process, the hot metal should have the following composition.
  18. Increase in temperature, in general results in the
  19. If Reynolds number is greater than 1, then the
  20. Exposure to __________ accelerates the degradation of plastics.
  21. Normalising does not __________ of a metal.
  22. Austempering process results in the formation of __________ structure.
  23. Which of the following properties of a solid is not dependent on crystal imperfection?
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  25. The pressure outside a bubble/droplet of liquid is __________ the internal pressure.
  26. Which of the following is not the function of a volute casing provided in a centrifugal pump?
  27. Coarse grained steels have
  28. Tin based white metals are used, where bearings are subjected to
  29. The 'transition temperature' for ductile to brittle behaviour of steel increases with increase in the…
  30. Regeneration of molecular sieve requires it to be heated to a temperature of about __________ °C.