PERT/CPM, techniques can be used for following applications

A. Once through project

B. Maintenance jobs

C. Research and development

D. All of the above

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  1. The probability distribution of activity times in PERT follows following distribution
  2. In order that linear programming techniques provide valid results
  3. The start or completion of task is called
  4. Product layout is employed for
  5. Micro-motion study is
  6. Process layout is employed
  7. Motion study involves analysis of
  8. The linear programming techniques can be applied successfully to industries like
  9. The value engineering technique in which experts of the same rank assemble for product development is…
  10. Which of the following wage incentive plan is applied to all workers?
  11. Pick up the correct statement about relationship between various floats
  12. Work sampling observations are taken on the basis of
  13. Work sampling is applied for
  14. The product layout
  15. The work study is done by means of
  16. In break even analysis, total cost consists of
  17. Choose the wrong statement Time study is used to
  18. In Halsey 50-50 plan, output standards are established
  19. Pick up the correct statement from the following
  20. Which one of the following represents a group incentive plan?
  21. Which of the following equations is not in conformity with others?
  22. String diagram is used when
  23. Line organisation is suitable for
  24. Which of the following incentive plans ensures a part of the swing to the worker and rest to the employer?
  25. In product layout
  26. Pick up the correct step used for scheduling a project by C.P.M.
  27. The performance of a specific task in CPM is known as
  28. The essential condition for the decompression of an activity is that
  29. In process layout
  30. A-B-C analysis is used in