pH of a solution is 10. Hydroxide ion concentration in the solution is

A. 10-10 gm eq.

B. 10-4 mole liter-1

C. 10-4 gm liter-1

D. 10-3 gm eq.

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  1. CH3COOH+H2⇋H3O++CH3COO-In the above reaction acid is
  2. Which of the following is not hydrolysed in water ?
  3. Which of the following will favour the reverse reaction in a chemical equilibrium?
  4. On dissolving copper sulphate in water pH of the solution
  5. Precipitation takes place when
  6. Solubility of calcium carbonate is 0.0305 gm/litre.Kspfor CaCO3 is
  7. A solution is said to be saturated w.r.t the electrolyte it contains if
  8. pH of 0.1 M monoprotic acid is 4. Then dissociation constant of the acid is :
  9. During salt analysis NH4OH is added before adding NH4OH for third gp., cation analysis so as to
  10. pH of 0.1 M monobasic acid is 4 then molar concentration of H+ per litre will be
  11. According to Bronsted Lowry an acid is
  12. In an aquous solution of silver bromide concentration of Ag+ is 1×10-6 mol lit-1.…
  13. Acetic acid is weak acid because it is
  14. Degree of ionisation depends on
  15. Decinormal solution of acetic acid ionised to an extent of 1.3%. pH of this solution will be (log 1.3…
  16. Conjugate acid differs from its conjugate base by
  17. BaSO4(Mol. wt 233) has solubility 0.009 gmlit-1 at 298 K. Its solubility product is
  18. Conjugate base of HCO3-is
  19. On dissolving sodium carbonate in water pH of the solution
  20. Strength of an acid depends on
  21. If NH3 is dissolved in water, pH of the solution
  22. 2 gm of NaOH is dissolved in one litre water. pH of the solution will be
  23. Kspfor AgCl (mol wt 143.5) is 17 x 10-11 at 298K. The molar solubility of AgCl at 298 Kis
  24. Sum of pH and pOH of an acidic solution at 25°C is
  25. pH of a solution is 8.5. solution is
  26. pH of 0.001 M NaOH aqueous solution is
  27.  Molar concentration of Ag+ in an aqueous solution of Ag2CrO4 at 298K is 1.5 x 10-4 Ksp, for Ag2CrO4…
  28. An aqueous solution CaF2 contains 2 x 10-4mole lit-1 of CaF2. Ksp for CaF2 is
  29. Ionisation constant of formic acid is 1.8 x 1.8×10-4 at 298 K. In 0.1 NHCOOH the percentage…
  30. pH of a solution is 10. Hydroxide ion concentration in the solution is