Phthalic anhydride is produced by the oxidation of

A. Naphthalene

B. Benzene

C. Toluene

D. Aniline

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  1. Catalyst used in the manufacture of sulphuric acid by chamber & contact processes are respectively
  2. Commercial scale production of hydrogen from iron-steam reaction represented by, 3Fe + 3H2O = Fe3O4…
  3. Cement setting under water employs a/an __________ process.
  4. Conversion of SO2 to SO3 in Monsanto 4-pass converter is about __________ percent.
  5. SO2 is bubbled through hot sugar cane juice to
  6. Nitro-glycerine absorbed in wood flour, sodium nitrate or ammonium nitrate is commercially used as controlled…
  7. Deacon's method is used for the manufacture of
  8. Presence of sodium tripolyphosphate (an additive) in synthetic detergent
  9. High purity nitrogen is used in
  10. Aryl benzene sulphonate (ABS) is a
  11. Kaolin is a/an
  12. Coal tar is used as a
  13. In the production of soda ash by Solvay process, the by-product is
  14. Graphite is a/an
  15. 'Synthesis gas' meant for the synthesis of organic compound is a variable mixture of
  16. Solvent extracted oil
  17. Which one of the following is not likely to be a constituent of vegetable oils?
  18. Chloramines are used in water treatment for
  19. Claude process of gas liquefaction employs
  20. Parathion and Malathion are
  21. Ca(OH)2 is called
  22. The most economical pulp for the production of newsprint would be the __________ pulp.
  23. Brackish water which contains mostly dissolved salt, can be purified by the __________ process.
  24. Raw materials for 'Solvay Process' for manufacture of the soda ash are
  25. Dechlorination of treated water is necessary to
  26. Phthalic anhydride is produced by the oxidation of
  27. Which of the following is not produced on commercial scale from sea water?
  28. Massecuite is a terminology used in the __________ industry.
  29. Penicillin, an antibiotic drug was discovered by
  30. Wet chlorine gas produced during electrolysis of brine is dehydrated by