Pick out the wrong statement.

A. Complete unity of command exists in a line organisation

B. Line organisation is net suitable for expansion and growth of an industry

C. In line and staff organisation, line executes and staff directs

D. None of these

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  1. The process of removal of scale formed during hot rolling of steel is termed as
  2. A dummy activity is used in PERT network to describe the
  3. Even though heat transfer co-efficient in boiling liquids is large, use of fins is advantageous, when…
  4. Corona discharge is related to the operation of a/an
  5. The product out from a cupola is called
  6. The material used for coating the welding electrode is termed as the
  7. Plastics as a material of construction suffer from the drawback of low
  8. Blow off cock is provided in steam boiler to
  9. Faraday's law of electrolysis is related to the
  10. The order of a chemical reaction
  11. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
  12. Lap joints are preferred over butt joints in soldering/brazing, because these joints are
  13. Sand used to stop the green sand from sticking to the pattern is termed as the __________ sand.
  14. __________ circuit is most commonly used to measure strain with the help of a strain gauge.
  15. A spring material should have low
  16. Unbreakable crockeries are made from __________ polymers.
  17. In the X-ray radiography technique, the tube voltage for thicker plates as compared to thin plates,…
  18. Dephosphorization of molten pig iron is favoured by
  19. __________ is the process used for setting up compressive stresses in the surface of a metal to improve…
  20. Name the safety device used to protect the boiler, when the water level falls below a minimum level.
  21. Speisses is a mixture of the following:
  22. Air standard Otto cycle is more efficient than the diesel cycle for the same
  23. __________ of hard alloy and tool steel is done to make it easily machinable.
  24. Cold heading or upsetting is categorised as the __________ process.
  25. Pick out the correct statement about the condensation.
  26. Tesla metre per ampere (T. m/A) is the unit for the measurement of
  27. Maximum change in the hardness of martensite occurs in the carbon content range of __________ percent…
  28. Lead is added to 60:40 brass primarily to improve
  29. Which one can be directly solidified from gaseous state without entering into liquid state?
  30. As the fluid flow rate increases, the float of the Rotameter