Pick out the wrong statement.

A. Minimum number of degree of freedom of a system is zero

B. Degree of freedom of a system containing a gaseous mixture of helium, carbon dioxide and hydrogen is 4

C. For a two phase system in equilibrium made up of four non-reacting chemical species, the number of degrees of freedom is 4

D. Enthalpy and internal energy change is zero during phase change processes like melting, vaporisation and sublimation

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  1. Thermal efficiency of a Carnot engine can approach 100%, only when the temperature of the
  2. The first law of thermodynamics is a statement of conservation of
  3. What happens in a reversible adiabatic expansion process?
  4. The equation DU = Tds - PdV is applicable to infinitesimal changes occuring in
  5. Pick out the correct equation relating 'F' and 'A'.
  6. High pressure steam is expanded adiabatically and reversibly through a well insulated turbine, which…
  7. The ammonia synthesis reaction represented by N2 + 3H2 2NH3; ΔH = - 22.4 kcal, is
  8. Isotherm on an enthalpy-concentration diagram, for an ideal solution will be a
  9. The number of degrees of freedom at the triple point of water is
  10. A system in which there is exchange of energy but not of mass, is called a/an __________ system.
  11. A system is said to be at equilibrium, if the entropy of the system has reached __________ value.
  12. If the heat of solution of an ideal gas in a liquid is negative, then its solubility at a given partial…
  13. The expression, nCv(T2 - T1), is for the __________ of an ideal gas.
  14. In which of the following reaction equilibrium, the value of equilibrium constant Kp will be more than…
  15. A gas can be liquefied by pressure alone only, when its temperature is __________ its critical temperature.
  16. Vapour which is at a pressure smaller than the saturation pressure for the temperature involved is called…
  17. The ratio of equilibrium constants (Kp2/Kp1) at two different temperatures is given by
  18. Out of the following refrigeration cycles, which one has maximum COP?
  19. One ton of refrigeration is defined as the heat rate corresponding to melting of one ton of ice in one
  20. Fugacity and pressure are numerically not equal for the gases
  21. The work done in isothermal compression compared to that in adiabatic compression will be
  22. Which of the following diagrams does not represent an Otto cycle?
  23. The expression for entropy change, ΔS = n Cp . ln (T2/T1), is valid for the __________ of a substance.
  24. The second law of thermodynamics states that
  25. In case of a reversible process (following pvn = constant), work obtained for trebling the volume (v1…
  26. High __________ is an undesirable property for a good refrigerant.
  27. Reduced pressure of a gas is the ratio of its
  28. What is the value of Joule-Thomson co-efficient for an ideal gas?
  29. Law of corresponding states says that
  30. Activity co-efficient is a measure of the