Pick out the wrong statement.

A. The net change in entropy in any reversible cycle is always zero

B. The entropy of the system as a whole in an irreversible process increases

C. The entropy of the universe tends to a maximum

D. The entropy of a substance does not remain constant during a reversible adiabatic change

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  2. At __________ point, all the three phases (i.e. solid, liquid and gas) co-exist.
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  4. Activity co-efficient is a measure of the
  5. What is the value of ln y (where y = activity co-efficient) for ideal gases?
  6. The equation Tds = dE - PdV applies to
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  8. Chemical engineering thermodynamics is concerned with the __________ in/of chemical processes.
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  11. Which of the following behaves most closely like an ideal gas?
  12. Entropy of the system decreases, when
  13. Number of components (C), phase (P) and degrees of freedom (F) are related by Gibbs phase rule as
  14. With increase in pressure (above atmospheric pressure), the Cp of a gas
  15. The necessary and sufficient condition for equilibrium between two phases is
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  18. In the reaction, C + O2 → CO2; ΔH = - 94 kcal. What is the heat content (enthalpy) of O2?
  19. The expression for entropy change given by, ΔS = nR ln (V2/V1) + nCv ln (T2/T1) is valid for
  20. Which of the following is not a common refrigerant?
  21. The expression for entropy change given by, ΔS = - nR ln (P2/P1), holds good for
  22. Charles' law for gases states that
  23. Which one is true for a throttling process?
  24. An irreversible process
  25. As the entropy of the universe is increasing, day by day, the work producing capacity of a heat engine…
  26. Pick out the correct statement.
  27. The total change in the enthalpy of a system is independent of the
  28. In case of steady flow compression polytropic process (PVn = constant), the work done on air is the…
  29. Co-efficient of Performance (COP) of a refrigerator is the ratio of the
  30. In any spontaneous process,