Pick out the wrong statement.

A. A ferromagnetic material becomes paramagnetic above the 'Curie temperature'

B. Permanent magnets are made of hard materials, whereas electromagnets require soft magnetic materials

C. Soft magnetic materials (e.g., pure iron) have higher permeability and low hysterisis loss and coercive forces

D. Tungsten steel and alnico are not hard magnetic materials

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  1. Steel & cast iron pipes are produced by __________ casting.
  2. 'Flare tower' used in industry is meant for
  3. The most detrimental impurity in high pressure boiler feed water is
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  5. Wohler test is a destructive test to find out the __________ strength of a prepared metal specimen.
  6. Minimum number of members required to form a Public Limited Joint Stock Com-pany is
  7. At the point of boundary layer separation in fluid flow, the
  8. Electrical conductivities of semi-conductors are of the order of __________ ohm/cm.
  9. In the diving apparatus, helium is used along with oxygen, because it is
  10. Steel rods are normally used for concrete reinforcement because concrete and steel have almost equal
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  12. High speed steel tools retain their hardness upto a temperature of __________ °C.
  13. Hollow shafts can be made as strong as solid shafts by making the twisting moments of both the shafts…
  14. Compressed dry air is used as the cutting fluid, while machining
  15. The following type of bonding is strongly directional in solids.
  16. Machinability of hard alloys and tool steels is improved by
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  18. 'Dikes' are low height walls made around the storage vessels meant for storing hazardous & inflammable…
  19. Triple point of water is
  20. Coating provided on the electrodes used in the arc welding is not expected to
  21. The two elements required to form substitutional solid solution should not have
  22. Fibre glass is a composite material of
  23. The dimensional formula of bulk modulus of elasticity is same as that of the
  24. In electrical resistance welding, distortion results from the use of improper
  25. Percentage of argon (by volume) in dry atmospheric air is about
  26. Which of the following materials has the least scrap value?
  27. Increase in the entropy of a system represents the
  28. Biological shield in a nuclear reactor is generally provided to protect against the
  29. Air standard Otto cycle is more efficient than the diesel cycle for the same
  30. Nuclear fission of one atom of uranium-235 produces the energy equivalent to about __________ MeV.