Pick up the wrong statement

A. In a heterogeneous or solid fuel reactor, the fuel is mixed in a regular pattern within moderator.

B. Slow or thermal neutrons have energy of the order or 0.025 eV

C. Fast neutrons have energies above 1000 eV

D. Fast reactor uses moderator

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  1. Pressurised water reactor is designed
  2. U233 is produced
  3. Which is not identical for an atom and an isotope?
  4. The energy produced by a thermal reactor of same size as a breeder reactor is
  5. In nuclear fission each neutron that causes fission releases
  6. U₂₃₃ is produced
  7. Reflector in nuclear power plants _________ neutron leakage.
  8. Pick up the wrong statement
  9. In natural uranium, the constituents of three naturally occuring isotopes are
  10. A moderator
  11. The nuclear radiators produced in a reactor which must be shielded are
  12. Reactors for propulsion applications use
  13. A power plant giving least running cost of production of electrical power is
  14. Plutonium (Pu239) is produced
  15. U235 will undergo fission by
  16. The most commonly used moderator in nuclear plants is
  17. The following present serious difficulty in designing reactor shield
  18. The most practical fuel for a thermonuclear reactor, both from economical and nuclear consideration…
  19. Which of the following is more appropriate for a moderator? One which
  20. A fission chain reaction in uranium can be developed by
  21. In triggering fission, the following types of neutrons are desirable
  22. The presence of reflector in nuclear power plants results in
  23. Amongst the following, the fissionable materials are
  24. The predominant isotope of the naturally occuring element is
  25. Reactors for propulsion applications are designed for
  26. In a thermal power plant, coal from the coal handling plant is moved to the boiler bunker through a
  27. Fast breeder reactor uses
  28. Plutonium (Pu₂₃₉) is produced
  29. A moderator, in nuclear power plants, is a medium introduced into the fuel mass in order to
  30. Breeder reactors employ liquid metal coolant because it