Pick up wrong statement. Fatigue strength can be increased by

A. Cold working

B. Shot peening

C. Grinding and lapping surface

D. Hot working

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  1. The pitch of threads on a Jock nut in comparison to pitch of nut is
  2. Antifriction bearings are
  3. The form factor of a helical gear __________ with the increase in the helix angle.
  4. For high speed engines, the cam follower should move with
  5. Which of the following statement is correct?
  6. The piston rod of a steam engine is usually connected to the crosshead by means of
  7. Spring stiffness is
  8. The efficiency of a riveted joint is equal to
  9. The most important dimension in the design of a nut is
  10. Cold working
  11. The objective of caulking in a riveted joint is to make the joint
  12. Which of the following statement is correct?
  13. In a marine flange coupling, the pitch circle diameter of bolts is taken as
  14. According to I.B.R., the efficiency of a triple riveted butt joint with double straps of unequal width…
  15. In a flange coupling, the flanges are coupled together by means of
  16. When a hole of diameter d is punched in a metal of thickness 't', then the force required to punch a…
  17. In designing a connecting rod, it is considered like __________ for buckling about X-axis.
  18. Which of the following property is essential for spring materials?
  19. The stress induced in the belt is,
  20. The maximum normal stress theory is used for
  21. Eulers formula for a mild steel column is not valid if the slenderness ratio is
  22. Two rigid plates are clamped by means of bolt and nut with an initial force F. After tightening, a separating…
  23. In the assembly of pulley, key and shaft
  24. Which of the following is not correct procedure to increase the fatigue limit?
  25. The stiffness of a closely coiled helical spring subjected to an axial load W is equal to (where G =…
  26. If a shaft made from ductile material is subjected to combined bending and twisting moment, calculations…
  27. When the connected members are very yielding (soft gasket) as compared to the bolt, then the resultant…
  28. The crest diameter of a screw thread is same as
  29. The maximum shear stress theory is used for
  30. A shaft is subjected to fluctuating loads for which the normal torque (T) and bending moment (M) are…