Plutonium (Pu239) is produced

A. Artificially

B. When U238 is irradiated by neutrons

C. By fission of Th232

D. As basic raw material

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  1. In fast breeder reactors
  2. Enriched uranium is required as a fuel in a nuclear reactor, if light water is used as moderator and…
  3. Electron volt is the unit of
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  5. The main interest of shielding in nuclear reactor is protection against
  6. Which of the following particles is the lightest?
  7. The total energy released in fission of U is
  8. The most practical fuel for a thermonuclear reactor, both from economical and nuclear consideration…
  9. Plutonium (Pu₂₃₉) is produced
  10. The most commonly used moderator in nuclear plants is
  11. Boiling water reactor employs
  12. The primary fuel used in nuclear power plants is
  13. The breeding gain in case of thermal breeder reactor as compared to fast breeder reactor is
  14. The secondary fuel used in nuclear power plants is
  15. Plutonium (Pu239) is produced
  16. The energy produced by a thermal reactor of same size as a breeder reactor is
  17. Enriched uranium may contain fissionable contents of the order of
  18. Artificial radioactive isotopes find application in
  19. Ideally the neutron flux in reactor should be
  20. The mass number of a substance represents the sum of total number of
  21. U233 is produced
  22. Nuclear reactors are used
  23. Fast breeder reactor uses
  24. Ferrite material is
  25. The unit of radioactivity is
  26. Which of the following nuclear reactor does not need a heat exchanger for generation of steam?
  27. Pressurised water reactor is designed
  28. The risk of radioactive hazard is greatest in the turbine with following reactor
  29. In nuclear fission
  30. The fast breeder reactor uses the following moderator