Polar Auroras are

A. Quasars

B. b) Pulsar

C. Aurora Borealis

D. White Dwarfstar

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  1. The solar eclipse takes place when
  2. What is a narrow waterway separating two bits of land called?
  3. What is a 'synodic month'?
  4. An ancient star that has collapsed matter so dense that It creates gravitational force so powerful that…
  5. The group of small pieces of rock revolving round the Sun between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter are…
  6. Oldest object in the Solar System is __.
  7. The term 'syzygy' is referred to when the
  8. All asteroids collectively revolve around the
  9. Average temperature of the Earth is.
  10. A system of millions and millions of galaxies are called _____.
  11. On which date is the Earth in 'aphelion'?
  12. Halley's comet visits us after every.
  13. The most important constituent of the Sun's mass is.HydrogenHeliumSiliconIron
  14. How many of the following statements are true?1. Mean Solar Day is greater than Sidereal Day approximately…
  15. Arrange the Outer Planets in increasing order of their sizes.1. Jupiter2. Uranus3. Saturn4. Neptune
  16. A Light Year measures
  17. From west to east, what are the three main island groups in the Pacific called?
  18. Which planet is called 'red planet'?
  19. Which planet la known as a 'Morning Star' as well as an 'Evening Star'?
  20. The name of our galaxy is _______
  21. What is the name of 'brightest Planet'?
  22. Sunspots are
  23. What is siderial day?
  24. The time period elapsing between one New Moon and the next is approximately
  25. Which of the following is known as 'King of Planets'?
  26. Which of the following is the largest ocean?
  27. Which of the following conditions la the most relevant for the presence of life on Mars?
  28. Which star has the largest percentage In the universe
  29. What happens when ships cross the International Date Line?
  30. The visible surface of the sun is known as