Polar Auroras are called __ in Southern Hemisphere.

A. Aurora Australis

B. Quasars

C. Aurora Borealis

D. Pulsar

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  1. What is the direction of rotation of the earth on its axis?
  2. Going into the interior of the earth the weight of an object
  3. What is the geographical term for land's end, that tip of land which projects into the sea?
  4. How much Is the average distance of the Sun from the Earth?
  5. What does perigee mean?
  6. The term 'syzygy' is referred to when the
  7. A swarm of small bodies in between the two Planets of Solar System is called 'asteroids' which are those…
  8. What is peninsula?
  9. Which one of the following conditions is moat relevant for the presence of life on Mars?
  10. What is the position of the moon called when it la farthest from the earth?
  11. Our Solar System is an orderly community of _____.
  12. Lunar eclipse means
  13. The inclination of the earth's axis, i.e. the earth's axis is tilted at an angle from a perpendicular…
  14. Sidereal means
  15. Average density of the Earth is ( relative to water) __.
  16. What is the unit of measurement of distance between celestial bodies?
  17. Polar Auroras are
  18. What is a narrow waterway separating two bits of land called?
  19. What is the most accurate description of the shape of the earth?
  20. How much time does the earth take in completing one rotation on its axis in relation to sun?
  21. What la the difference between a gulf and a bay?
  22. If the stars are seen to rise perpendicular to the horizon by an observer, he is located on the \
  23. The word 'satellite' means _____.
  24. Which of the following are the Inner Planets?1. Mercury2. Venus3. Earth4. Mars
  25. Nearest star to the earth is _____.
  26. Which planet rotates on its axis from north to south?
  27. Which one of the following stars is nearest to the Earth?
  28. What meridian is the International Date Line?
  29. Who was the first person to describe the earth as a sphere?
  30. Which of the following statements best describes longitudes?