Poly Tetrafluoroethylene (P.T.F.E.) is known as

A. Bakelite

B. Teflon

C. Celluloid

D. Dacron

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  1. Cellulose content of bamboo and ideal fibrous raw material for the manufacture of paper is __________…
  2. DDT should not be allowed to come in contact with iron (during its manufacture) to
  3. Which of the following paper does not require a filler during manufacture?
  4. Shaving soaps are
  5. __________ is the major constituent of the Portland cement.
  6. Black liquor is converted into white liquor by
  7. Hydrogen gas is not produced commercially (for nitrogenous fertiliser manufacture) by
  8. Caprolactam (a raw material for nylon-6 manufacture) is produced from
  9. Fusel oil is a/an
  10. Sucrose is a disaccharide consisting of
  11. Fish contains about __________ percent oil.
  12. __________ is used as a flux in the smelting of copper ore like chalcopyrite.
  13. Sulphuric acid solution having a specific gravity of 1.20 at room temperature is used mainly for the
  14. __________ paper is used in the manufacture of newsprint paper.
  15. Oxidation of ortho-xylene in presence of __________ catalyst is done to produce phthalic anhydride on…
  16. Temperature during hydrogenation of oil should not be more than 200°C, otherwise it will result…
  17. Which of the following is not a raw material used for the manufacture of ordinary glass?
  18. Industrial production of chloroform requires acetone and
  19. Pick out the wrong statement.
  20. The yield of tar from high temperature carbonisation of dry coal is about __________ percent.
  21. Styrene is produced from ethyl benzene by the process of
  22. Average sulphur content in Indian pyrites is about __________ percent.
  23. Purity of oxygen used for blowing in steel making L.D. converter is 99.5%. The boiling point of oxygen…
  24. Pick out the wrong statement.
  25. In Kraft process of paper manufacture, white cooking liquor consists of caustic soda
  26. A unit operation is exemplified by the process of
  27. Roasting of metallurgical ores is done mainly to
  28. Which of the following is an additional step in the manufacture of paper from bagasse as compared to…
  29. Which of the following is a constituent of vinegar?
  30. Hydrazine is largely used