Portland cement consists mainly of

A. CaO & SiO2

B. SiO2 & Al2O3

C. CaO & Al2O3

D. CaO & Fe2O3

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  1. Hydrogenation of oil/fat does not
  2. Gelatine which is a nitrogenous organic protein is obtained by the hydrolysis of
  3. Deaeration of water in its treatment is necessary, as it
  4. Baking soda is chemically represented by
  5. The purpose of tanning in leather industry is to
  6. Metallic soap (e.g. aluminium or calcium salts of fatty acids) can be used
  7. Hollander beater used during paper pulp manufacture does not facilitate the __________ of fibre.
  8. Commercial production of calcium carbide requires limestone and __________ as raw materials.
  9. The process involved in converting rubber into a thin sheet or coating it on fabric is called
  10. Enzymes are
  11. Concentration of NaOH solution produced by diaphragm electrolytic cell is about __________ percent.
  12. Conversion of SO2 to SO3 in Monsanto 4-pass converter is about __________ percent.
  13. Analgesic drugs are
  14. Use of water having dissolved oxygen in boilers promotes
  15. Zeolite is used in the
  16. Sucrose content in the raw juice extracted from sugar cane is about __________ percent.
  17. Chrome tanning and vegetable tanning are done for
  18. Pure rectified spirit contains about __________ percent alcohol.
  19. Platinum catalyst used in the earlier days of sulphuric acid manufacture by contact process suffers…
  20. Sulphur addition in soap is done to
  21. __________ Nature of hypo (sodium thiosulphate) makes it useful in photography.
  22. Fermentation of molasses to produce ethyl alcohol is done at __________ °C.
  23. The purpose of adding Na2CO3 to water of low alkalinity is to
  24. Linde process of gas liquefaction employs
  25. Impurities present in brine is normally removed by treatment with
  26. Enzymes are organic catalysts used in the __________ reactions.
  27. Which of the following is not produced on commercial scale from sea water?
  28. Cumene is the starting material for the production of
  29. Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to nitric acid.
  30. Dehydrogenation of ethyl benzene produces