In these questions, two words will be given to you, and these two words will have some kind of a relationship which relates them in a particular way. After finding this relationship, you have to pick the right option which has words related in a similar way:

What is the correct answer?



A. Akbar : British

B. Present : Future

C. Shakespeare : Tennyson

D. Colossus : Elephant

Correct Answer :

B. Present : Future

Prehistoric refers to something related to or denoting the period before written records and Medieval refers to something related to the Middle Ages.
The relation is of time and precedence, i.e. the medieval period followed the prehistoric period.
This relation of order of time is depicted by option (b). Options (a) and (c) do relate in the way that Akbar existed before the British took control of India, and Shakespeare came before Tennyson did, but these are not the same as that expressed in the question. Both items have to be of the same type, i.e. time period.