Pressure ratio in gas turbines is the ratio of

A. Compressor pressure ratio

B. Highest pressure to exhaust pressure

C. Inlet pressure to exhaust pressure

D. Pressures across the turbine

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  1. In n₁ and n₂ are the indices of compression for the first and second stage of compression,…
  2. The maximum propulsion efficiency of a turbojet is attained at around following speed
  3. Adiabatic compression is one in which
  4. The ratio of outlet whirl velocity to blade velocity in case of centrifugal compressor is called
  5. Pressure ratio in gas turbines is the ratio of
  6. A compressor at high altitude will draw
  7. The main purpose of reheating in gas turbine is to
  8. Fighter bombers use following type of engine
  9. Which is false statement about air receivers?
  10. The velocity of air entering in a rocket is ________ as compared to an aircraft.
  11. For supplying intermittent small quantity of air at high pressure, following compressor is best suited
  12. In jet engines, paraffin is usually used as the fuel because of its
  13. Axial flow compressor has the following advantage over centrifugal compressor
  14. In open cycle turbojet engines used in military aircraft, reheating the exhaust gas from the turbine…
  15. Surging is the phenomenon of
  16. A rocket works with maximum overall efficiency when air craft velocity is equal to the
  17. For slow speed large capacity compressor, following type of valve will be best suited
  18. The fuel consumption in gas turbines is accounted for by
  19. In air breathing jet engine, the jet is formed by expanding
  20. The net work input required for compressor with increase in clearance volume
  21. In a jet engine, the air-fuel ratio is
  22. In jet propulsion power unit, the inlet duct of diverging shape is used in order to
  23. Which of the following fuels can be used in turbojet engines?
  24. Aeroplanes employ following type of compressor
  25. Clearance volume in actual reciprocating compressors is essential
  26. The minimum work required for a three stage reciprocating air compressor is ________ the work required…
  27. Pick up the wrong statement
  28. The volume of air delivered in a medium capacity air compressor per unit time is
  29. The volume of air delivered by the compressor is called
  30. The temperature of air at the beginning of the compression stroke is ________ the atmospheric temperature.