Production of one ton of paper in Indian paper industry consumes about __________ kWh of electricity.

A. 300

B. 800

C. 1400

D. 2000

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  1. The delivery pressure of boiler feed water pump compared to the boiler steam pressure is
  2. Which of the following does not discharge the dust collected as a dry solid?
  3. Regeneration of molecular sieve requires it to be heated to a temperature of about __________ °C.
  4. Oxyacetylene reducing flame is used while carrying out welding on
  5. In the Bayer's process, bauxite is digested under pressure using
  6. Brass parts with high residual tensile stress at the surface are susceptible to season cracking (i.e.…
  7. Plastics as a material of construction suffer from the drawback of low
  8. Identify the false statement
  9. With increase in __________ Knocking tendency in a spark ignition petrol engine decreases.
  10. Which of the following is not a characteristic observed in material failure by fatigue fracture?
  11. A 2 kg object weighs 1.8 kgf on a spring balance. The value of 'g' at that location in m/sec2 is
  12. Starting friction is low in case of the __________ lubrication.
  13. For a spontaneous natural process at constant temperature and pressure, the free energy of the system…
  14. Triple point of water is
  15. Baffles provided on the shell side of a shell and tube heat exchanger are meant for
  16. Steel rods are normally used for concrete reinforcement because concrete and steel have almost equal
  17. Percentage of argon (by volume) in dry atmospheric air is about
  18. Neutrons are present in all atoms except that of
  19. In an amorphous material, atoms defy any definite atomic structure and exist in random pattern just…
  20. Dislocation cross-slip is difficult in those materials, which have
  21. The usual energy consumption in electric arc furnace steel making is __________ KWh/ton of steel.
  22. The main constituent of bones is
  23. Fatigue resistance of a material is measured by the
  24. Liquid nitrogen containers can be made from
  25. Unit of surface tension in S.I. unit is
  26. at 1173E; at equilibrium, what will be the number of moles of CO gas required to reduce one mole of…
  27. Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales have the same readings at
  28. Percentage of differential pressure lost in a Venturimeter with a tapering of 15° may be about
  29. The size of the tetrahedral void in the closest packing of atoms is __________ that of the octahedral…
  30. In case of water (Prandtl number ≈ 6) flowing over a flat plate heated over the entire length,…