Profits of a firm will be calculated taking into account the units produced and the difference between:

A. Real cost and money cost

B. Variable cost and fixed cost

C. Average cost and average revenue

D. Marginal cost and average cost

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  1. In Revealed Preference Theory, a consumer reveals preference for bundle of:
  2. The normal long-run average cost curve is influenced by the:
  3. In monopolistic competition, the firms face:
  4. In case of perfect competition, TR curve rises at a:
  5. In real life, brand loyalty is a barrier to:
  6. The factors of production in perfect competition are:
  7. The cobweb model will convergent when the slope of:
  8. Returns to scale is a:
  9. Cross-elasticity of demand or cross-price elasticity between two independent goods will be:
  10. The budget constraint can be written as:
  11. Engel curves shows that:
  12. Capital and Development Planning is the work of:
  13. The supply curve for the short-run competitive firm is the same as:
  14. The shape of the TC curve is:
  15. In the perfect competition, there is a process of:
  16. Change in quantity demanded (expansion and contraction of demand) is:
  17. Under monopolistic competition, the firms compete alongwith:
  18. In cournot model firms:
  19. A good tends to have relatively inelastic demand, if:
  20. The Strategy of Economic Development is the work of:
  21. If production increases under increasing returns to scale, the cost will:
  22. If the supply curve is not a straight line but curvilinear, the elasticity on all points of the supply…
  23. The study of economics just in theoretical way is called:
  24. In 1890, Principles of Economics was written by:
  25. If the demand curve is inelastic then:
  26. Supply and demand changes have their most rapid impact in:
  27. If by doubling all inputs in the long run output is less than double, it is a case of:
  28. The Hicksian demand curve includes:
  29. In monopolistic competition, if a firm lowers its price, the rival firms will:
  30. Abstinence or Waiting theory of Interest was presented by: