Public data members can be accessed

A. Only from the base class itself

B. Both form the base class and from its derived classes

C. From the class which is friend of the base class

D. None of the above are correct

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  1. The characteristic that data can be manipulated only through member functions that are part of the class…
  2. The library function exit() causes an exit from
  3. Private members of a structure can be accessed directly from the outside of the structure.
  4. When you overload an arithmetic assignment operator, the result
  5. Organizing data with methods that operate on the data and creating a new data type is called encapsulation.
  6. It is possible to allow non member function access to private members of a class by declaring it as
  7. Sharing of common information are achieved by the concept of
  8. What is the output of the following program segment - for(i = 1, j = 0; i < 10; i++) j += i; cout…
  9. main() returns a value of type
  10. In a for loop with a multi-statement loop body, semicolons should appear following
  11. By using protected, one can create class members that are private to their class but
  12. Class members are _______________ by default
  13. A copy constructor is used to copy an object member wise to another object of the same class.
  14. The declaration int **var1; shows that
  15. The value of 'this' pointer can be changed.
  16. Static data member occurs in only class scope.
  17. The binding that binds a function call at run time is called
  18. The following syntax is valid. void inline gram_ panchayat :: show_gram_ panchayat_info().
  19. The ?: can be used to replace
  20. Pick out the most appropriate statement
  21. Member function cannot be called from within a constructor.
  22. Classes are useful because they
  23. this' pointer has to be used while accessing data members in a member function.
  24. In C++, the stream base class is
  25. Friend function have access to the
  26. Pick out the most appropriate statement from the following
  27. Dynamic memory can be allocated by the following declaration
  28. Inline function specifier reduces the overheads associated with a normal function call.
  29. The members of a class can be made private by
  30. A destructor can have a return type.