PVy = constant, holds good for an isentropic process, which is

A. Reversible and isothermal

B. Isothermal and irreversible

C. Reversible and adiabatic

D. Adiabatic and irreversible

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  1. Pick out the correct equation relating 'F' and 'A'.
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  5. 4 kg moles of an ideal gas expands in vacuum spontaneously. The work done is
  6. The necessary and sufficient condition for equilibrium between two phases is
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  8. Joule-Thomson co-efficient depends on the
  9. If two gases have same reduced temperature and reduced pressure, then they will have the same
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  12. Throttling (Joule-Thomson effect) process is a constant __________ process.
  13. The expression, nRT ln(P1/P2), is for the __________of an ideal gas.
  14. The number of degrees of freedom for an azeotropic mixture in a two component vapour-liquid equilibria…
  15. 1st law of thermodynamics is nothing but the law of conservation of
  16. Cp of a gas at its critical temperature and pressure
  17. Heat is added at constant temperature in an ideal __________ cycle.
  18. At a given temperature, the volume of a gas dissolved in a solvent __________ with increase in pressure.
  19. Sublimation temperature of dry ice (solid CO2) is __________ °C.
  20. Consider the reaction, C + O2 CO2; ΔH = - 94 kcal. What will be the value of ΔH for the reaction…
  21. __________ law of thermodynamics ascertains the direction of a particular spontaneous process.
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  23. When a gas in a vessel expands, its internal energy decreases. The process involved is
  24. As the time is passing, entropy of the universe
  25. The internal energy of an ideal gas does not change in a reversible __________ process.
  26. Which of the following diagrams does not represent an Otto cycle?
  27. Pick out the correct statement:
  28. Chemical potential is a/an
  29. Refrigeration capacity of a household refrigerator may be round about __________ tons.
  30. Work done in case of free expansion is