Combine the following simple sentences into one simple sentence.

Rabindranath Tagore was a great poet. He was a good painter.

A. Rabindranath Tagore was not only a great poet, but also a good painter.

B. Besides being a great poet, Rabindranath Tagore was a good painter.

C. Rabindranath Tagore was a great poet as well as a good painter.

D. Rabindranath Tagore was a great poet and painter.

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  1. I left home early. I could not get to work on time.
  2. Separate: The monkey sat on a branch. He gibbered.Combined : Sitting on a branch the monkey gibbered.
  3. She stood on tip-toe. She reached for the mangoes on tree.
  4. Please listen. Your teacher is telling something.
  5. She was really upset with him. She said nothing.
  6. I will get money for you. Dont go till then.
  7. Azim works hard Kabir works harder.
  8. Separate: Anita was scolded. Her uncle scolded badly.Combined: Anita was badly scolded by her uncle
  9. You heat ice. It melts.
  10. The fact is. Nisha has not qualified the test.
  11. Which of the following statement about synthesis of sentence is incorrect?
  12. You are not interested in this offer. I know it.
  13. It is true. My brother has left for America.
  14. He settled in Nagpur. He was born there.
  15. You will find it. You look for it.
  16. I dont know. What is he doing?
  17. I dont know any of the men. They live here.
  18. Ashoka was a great conqueror. But he failed to unite the various conquered territories into a well-knit…
  19. It was midnight. The trains collided then.
  20. I know the man. He is a doctor.
  21. She had many shortcomings. But she was a nice woman.
  22. Given are two simple sentences, decipher which of the following is correctly combined complex sentence…
  23. I must finish this novel. There are still few chapters.
  24. There was little hope of success. She tried hard.
  25. Given are two simple sentences, decipher which of the following is correctly combined complex sentence…
  26. I say it. He is a good man.
  27. India will have a good monsoon season this year. The meteorologists expect this.
  28. The monster was proud of his power. He was defeated by Hercules.
  29. Mahatma Gandhi was a great visionary. He realised the danger of communal conflicts. He sacrificed his…
  30. It will start working. You give it a kick.