RadioButtonsLists __________ property is used to add RadioButtons at runtime

A. Items

B. Collection

C. AddItem

D. None of the above

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  1. HTML tag equivalent to Panel is
  2. You can send an e-mail with an attachment using only SmtpMail class
  3. To make an HTML control behave as a Server control, ___________ option must be set.
  4. CDONTS is designed on for Windows NT Server
  5. While accessing values submitted to a web form, __________ property of a control is used.
  6. To send attachments using SMTP use
  7. Default path for any web application is
  8. How do you get information from a form that is submitted using the "post" method?
  9. Anything appearing before ________ is cleared
  10. You have an image that is clickable and you want a pop-up window to display text that identifies the…
  11. Checkboxes have same name and different values while Radio Buttons have the reverse
  12. ____________ enables you to set a particular date when a page should no longer be cached by a browser…
  13. Options available with SelectionMode are
  14. ___________ controls how proxy servers temporarily store web pages
  15. Default scripting language in ASP.
  16. One difference between ASP.NET and ASP is that ASP is more structure than ASP.NET
  17. __________ and __________ event are the two most commonly supported server-side events. (Click and Change)
  18. A _____________ is a logical naming scheme for grouping related types of
  19. To save an XML file from ASP.NET use
  20. What is the default data type of a variable in ASP.NET?
  21. __________.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") creates a new connection.
  22. Default event handler for Link Label is
  23. Default Session data is stored in ASP.Net.
  24. The HTML control that helps to browse a file is
  25. Caching type supported by ASP.Net
  26. In case of a CompareValidator, a TextBox's value can be compared to an expression
  27. ______________ creates a read-only recordset that can scroll in any direction.
  28. By default a WebForm inherits from
  29. While redirecting, values can be passed with it
  30. Web.config file is used...