Sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four:

Rajeshs car wasnt __________ Rameshs, so we were too exhausted by the time we reached home.

A. such comfortable

B. as comfortable as

C. comfortable enough

D. so comfortable that

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  1. These issues are extremely ________ and any knee jerk reaction will ultimately result in a loss of ________…
  2. They were _________ to vacate that house as _________ as possible.
  3. Most political leaders acquire their position by causing a large number of people to believe that these…
  4. I. Usually fund-raising events and charity auctions raise a large amount of money as people from all…
  5. When you want to digitalise a city __________ with millions, you dont bet __________ the odds.
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  7. Although he is ___________ person, he occasionally loses his ___________
  8. A great literary or artistic work is known as______.
  9. Our _______________ diversity may also be of some value. Because we have always learned to live with…
  10. Few countries can____India in variety, colour and richness of dance-forms.
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  12. In spite of her other_____, Kasthuri still managed to find time for her hobbies.
  13. One dark night a Darvesh ___________ passing by a dry well.
  14. The ___________ of the chronic balance of payments deficit which has ___________ the Finance Ministry…
  15. As navigators, calendar makers, and other _________ of the night sky accumulated evidence to the contrary,…
  16. Precautions are to be taken with any one who seems ______.
  17. The teacher_____the boys comic which he was reading during the Mathematics period.
  18. Gokhales patriotic speeches____ people to dedicate their lives to the nation.
  19. This is about ___________ a sociological analysis can penetrate.
  20. Rajeev was upset because he _____________ forgotten his best friends birthday?
  21. The prisoner showed no _________ for his crimes.
  22. I dont suppose that Pramod will be elected __________ how hard he struggles as he is not completely…
  23. To ___time, please go___ foot and not by bus.
  24. She was remarkably __________ in singing and dancing.
  25. Our Constitution was based on the belief that the free ___________ of ideas, people and cultures is…
  26. The car driver was arrested for rash driving and his licence was_____ by the police.
  27. The human mind seems to have built-in ________against original thought.
  28. The journey may be made by sea or___by road.
  29. Is not learning superior ____ wealth ?
  30. The manager told us _________ Ramesh was very anxious _________ the meeting.