RBI was nationalized in which year?

A. 1949

B. 1948

C. 1946

D. 1950

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  1. Online financial services marketplace BankBazaar has begun its operations in which country?
  2. The National Policy on Education was framed in which year?
  3. Who is the Petroleum Minister of India?
  4. What is the Capital city of Netherlands?
  5. Best Astrologer of world' awardee TS Vineeth Bhatt is from which city?
  6. Who has resigned form the post of Hed Coach of the Indian Cricket team?
  7. Who is the current Ambassador of India to Portugal?
  8. World Bank was founded in which year?
  9. Where is the Headquarters of IDFC Bank Situated?
  10. RBI was nationalized in which year?
  11. What is the name of the UPI based wallet launched by Hike with Yes bank?
  12. New chief of UN Counter-Terrorism Centre (UNCCT) Vladimir Voronkov belongs to which country?
  13. World Bank sanctions 44 million dollars for which state project?
  14. India and which country have identified key areas to bolster cooperation in the science and technology…
  15. Who created the award 'The Order of the British Empire'?
  16. What is the Currency of Romania?
  17. Aji Dam is located in?
  18. N N Vohra who has been appointed the president of the India International Centre (IIC) is the governor…
  19. Who is the current Chairperson of International Cricket Council?
  20. NIFT which comes under the Union Ministry of Textiles was Set up in the year?
  21. Who is the current Cabinet Minister of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity)?
  22. How many judges are there in International Court of Justice?
  23. Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) workhorse rocket PSLV C-38 lifts off with how many satellites?
  24. Srinivas Gokulnath, 1st Indian to finish solo Race Across America belongs to which state?
  25. Asain Development Bank (ADB) has its Headquarters at?
  26. Union Govt launches which scheme to attract Indian scientists abroad?
  27. Rath Yatra or Chariot Festival is annually celebrated in which state of India?
  28. Which state announces Free Education for girls from Nursery to PhD?
  29. In which year Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) was established?
  30. Ankush Dahiya is associated with which sports?