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Read the following information carefully and then answer the questions given below it.
Following are the conditions for allotment of flats built by Town Council in the newly developed area of city Guragaon. The applicant must :
A. produce domicile certificate of the State
B. be employed or self employed in Gurgaon for minimum of 5 years
C. be ready to pay the entire amount in 5 years period
D. not be owner or co-owner (if spouce is owner) of a residential accommodation in the city limit of Gurgaon
E. not be less than 35 years of age as on 31st Dec 1996.
In case of applicant who satisfies all other criteria except:
I. at A above, be referred to President of Town Council
II. at B above, but is ready to produce ration card of last five years should be referred to Vice-Chairman of House Allotment Committee.
III. At C above, but is a freedom fighter or an ex-serviceman or first relation i.e., son/daughter/husband/wife of freedom fighter/ex-serviceman should be referred to Vice-Chairman of House Allotment Committee who can give concession per payment upto 15 years in such cases. The last date for receipt of application was 31st Dec, 1996. Conditions set out in terms of age or duration of stay are to be fulfilled as on 31st Dec, 1996. Based on these criteria and information provided below, decide the course of action in each case. You are not to assume anything extra. If the data provided is not adequate to decide the given course of action, your answer will be `data inadequate’. The cases are given to you as on 1st Jan, 1997.

Question : RC Bhargav is a son of an industrialist and from other state who has set his factory in 1990 and has a domicile certificate of the state. He is ready to pay the entire amount in 4 years if required. He does not own a house in Gurgaon city limits but his wife owns a flat in Gurgaon. His date of birth is 11th Nov 1960.

A. Do not allot flat

B. Refer to the Chairman

C. Allot flat

D. Data inadequate

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