Referring to the fractional inches to decimal inches to millimetre conversion chart on page 55 what is the equivalent mm measurement of 3/16 inch.

A. 1.906

B. 4.7625

C. 5.958

D. 14.6844

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  1. In isometric projection, all distances are approximately this percentage of their true size:
  2. Welding drawings are a special type of this kind of drawing:
  3. This allows the designer to conceptualize objects more easily without having to make costly illustrations,…
  4. This is a common method for connecting steel members of buildings and bridges:
  5. The text used on a typical detail sheet should be ________.
  6. This is the range of digital or hard copy documents that specify the physical function requirements…
  7. These weld symbols have no arrow-side or other-side significance:
  8. This is the intersection of the ground plane with the picture plane:
  9. Elevation drawings will include information about ________.
  10. The ________ is a standard element of a section view in a technical drawing.
  11. This is the most common application for developments and intersections:
  12. This type of circuit is a semiconductor wafer or chip:
  13. This is a line terminated by arrowheads, indicating the direction and extent of a dimension:
  14. In working drawings, these show all necessary information not given directly on the drawing with its…
  15. Architectural drawings used to construct a house are often plotted with a scale of ¼ = 1'-0.…
  16. A secondary auxiliary view is a projection off of the ________.
  17. In this type of concrete, the steel is pre-tensioned before the superimposed load is applied:
  18. 4.The principle reason for using an auxiliary view is ________.
  19. These gears transmit power between shafts whose axes intersect at any angle:
  20. Most architectural drawings produced for field use by building contractors are printed on architectural…
  21. The standard number of threads per inch for various diameters is the:
  22. This type of drawing shows two lines representing the pipe diameter:
  23. The most common geometric form used in gears today is this:
  24. The offset distance for the width (front to back) distance of the auxiliary view is the same distance…
  25. A partial auxiliary view is used to show only the ________ in the auxiliary view.
  26. The Conceptual Visual Style tool is located on the ________ toolbar.
  27. These drawings are given to contractors to perform work or manufacture individual parts:
  28. How can the drafter prevent Auto-CAD from placing or stacking another center mark on a circle when adding…
  29. Architectural dimensioning standards allow for the placement of dimensions inside the floor plan. These…
  30. This is the bottom surface joining the sides of two adjacent threads: