Regulation of volume of urine is caused by


B. Aldosterone

C. Both (a) and (b)

D. ADH, ldosterone and testosterone

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  1. Acromegaly is a disease in which the bones develop irregularly, which is due to over secretion of
  2. Gonadotropic hormones are produced in
  3. A hormone, pressure of which in blood or urine serves as pregnancy tests is
  4. Which endocrine gland stores its secretion in an extracellular space before discharging it into the…
  5. Regulation of volume of urine is caused by
  6. At the time of puberty the hormone that triggers sexual characters in male is
  7. In the blood calcium and phosphate levels are controlled by
  8. Hyperglycemia is an indication of mal-functining of
  9. Islets of Langerhans secrete a hormone which controls diabetes mellitus :
  10. The glands which pour their secretion directly into blood are tamed as
  11. Thyroxine has direct effect on
  12. Most contraceptive pills contain
  13. A posterior pituitary hormone released during parturition is
  14. The technique of amniocentesis can be employed for the dectection of
  15. Which of the following hormones maintains the integrity of the uterine wall during pregnancy ?
  16. Pituitary gland is under the control of
  17. Symptoms such as softening of bones which are easily bent or fractured are mainly due to
  18. Which of the following is homologous with the oviduct of frog ?
  19. The expulsion of milk from the breast during sucking by the child is brought about by
  20. At the time of birth, oxytocin acts on uterus by
  21. In the male, testosterone exerts profound effects on
  22. The spermatogenesis in mammalian testis is conrolled by
  23. M.S.H produced by the pars intermedia of pitiutary causes in lower vertebrates
  24. Due to hyposecretion from pituitary, the disease is
  25. Deficiency of parathormone in the blood causes
  26. Throughout pregnancy the hormones which remain low in plasma are
  27. Hormones which are produced by neurons are
  28. Function of cholecystokinin is to
  29. New ovarian follicles will not begin to ripen as long as the blood has high level of
  30. Diabetes mellitus is due to deficiency of