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  1. PPP can do all of the following except ___________.
  2. Ethernet ___________ has/have both a physical and logical bus topology.
  3. A routing protocol that supports route summarization must perform all except which of the following?
  4. VLSM allows you to summarize __________ back to the class boundary.
  5. You are given the following addressing information: What type of address is this?
  6. Which of the following is true concerning bridges?
  7. Which router command specifies the ISDN switch the router is connected to?
  8. OSPF supports a ________-layer hierarchical design.
  9. How many steps do LCP and NCP go through when setting up a connection?
  10. You are given a class C network and you have four LAN segments with the following numbers of devices:…
  11. Which of the following is true concerning ISL?
  12. A __________ route is the best path to reach a destination within the topology table.
  13. If you enter a command in either User EXEC mode or Privilege EXEC mode that the IOS does not recognize,…
  14. A _________ looks at OSI Reference Model layers 4-7 to make intelligent decisions about how to obtain…
  15. What would you enter to see the last few commands you entered?
  16. The router automatically saves its configuration.
  17. Which router command clears all of the static translations in the address translation table?
  18. What command assigns a User EXEC password to a 2950 switch?
  19. Which 1900 command enables port security?
  20. OSPF uses __________ as a metric.
  21. You are in Interface Subconfiguration mode and want to completely return to Privilege EXEC mode. What…
  22. ___________ defines LAPD, which is responsible for the data-link layer connection between the router…
  23. You are given a Class C network with a subnet mask of How many host addresses are there…
  24. __________ states that if a neighboring router sends a route to a router, the receiving router will…
  25. Which of the following is false concerning VLANs?
  26. Which is true concerning a port in a listening state? (Choose all correct answers.).
  27. EIGRP will route for ___________.
  28. Which protocol supports VLSM?
  29. Which of the following is true concerning full-duplexing?
  30. Which metric components, by default, are used in IGRP? (Choose all the correct answers.)