Rotary compressors are used for delivering

A. Small quantities of air at high pressures

B. Large quantities of air at high pressures

C. Small quantities of air at low pressures

D. Large quantities of air at low pressures

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  1. For supplying intermittent small quantity of air at high pressure, following compressor is best suited
  2. The compression ratio in a gas turbine is of the order of
  3. More than one stage will be preferred for reciprocating compressor if the delivery pressure is more…
  4. The thermal efficiency of a gas turbine as compared to a diesel plant is
  5. The ratio of work done per cycle to the swept volume in case of compressor is called
  6. The inlet pressure is always ________ the discharge pressure.
  7. The minimum work required for a three stage reciprocating air compressor is ________ the work required…
  8. Separators are generally used in air compressor installations
  9. During base load operation, the best method of controlling compressor is
  10. The air power of the compressor is also known as
  11. Which of the following fuels can be used in turbojet engines?
  12. Isothermal compression though most efficient, but is not practicable because
  13. A 3 m³/min compressor means that it
  14. Gas turbines use following type of air compressor
  15. A machine used to raise the pressure of air is called
  16. The axial flow compressor is preferred in aircraft gas turbines because of
  17. In a turbo jet engine, subsequent to heat addition to compressed air, to get the power output, the working…
  18. In a closed cycle gas turbine, the air is compressed
  19. Water gas is produced by
  20. Choose the correct statement
  21. Maximum temperature in a gas turbine is of the order of
  22. Diffuser in a compressor is used to
  23. In an axial flow compressor, the ratio of pressure in the rotor blades to the pressure rise in the compressor…
  24. Maximum work is done in compressing air when the compression is
  25. In the cross compounding of the gas turbine plant
  26. The thrust of a jet propulsion power unit can be increased by
  27. As the turbine inlet temperature increases, the thermal efficiency of gas turbine for the optimum pressure…
  28. Pick up the wrong statement
  29. An ideal air compressor cycle with clearance on PV diagram can be represented by following processes
  30. Gas turbine blades are given a rake