Identify the underlined phrase or clause.

Sam Smith, who recently spoke to the youth group, excels at motivating young people .

A. prepositional phrase

B. participial phrase

C. gerund phrase

D. infinitive phrase

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  1. She was very exhausted ____________ she didnt stop working.
  2. It was dark, however we went out.
  3. Ahmad wants to visit Quebec , but he will need to wait for his next vacation.
  4. Get ready now.
  5. I shall do whatever he says.
  6. He is such a boy as does not help anybody.
  7. I do not know whocame here last night.
  8. Melanie hoped to find a cure for the disease, but she tried to be realistic.
  9. That was when they laughed
  10. Keith tried supporting both teams , but his heart was with Oregon.
  11. I dont want to invite Kamal to the party ___________ he always talks about nonsense things.
  12. Canada might give up its marketing boards if the European Community gives up its grain subsidies.
  13. His uncle thinks that working for the government is the key to stability.
  14. Unless the crown can make a better case, the accused murderer will not be convicte(d)
  15. THe time when they left early
  16. He is such a weak boy that he cannot run.
  17. I shall not tell you where he lives.
  18. __________ he behaves well, Mary will never talk to him.
  19. Hoping for a miracle , the doctors continued the surgery.
  20. I do not know whether he will come tomorrow.
  21. While preparing for the speech , Joe couldn't help but worry about his entrance.
  22. I have decided to buy a car ____________ I can go to work easily.
  23. Sam Smith, who recently spoke to the youth group, excels at motivating young people .
  24. The bankers need to know what they should do.
  25. __________ they have passed the stamina test, they can get their scuba diving license.
  26. The reporter crouched behind that tree got the best picture of the arrest.
  27. Pushed beyond endurance , the runner dropped the baton.
  28. While it was raining, nobody went out.
  29. Our boss supports donating time to charity .
  30. We like the music that you brought.