Scavenging is usually done to increase

A. Thermal efficiency

B. Speed

C. Power output

D. Fuel consumption

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  1. The function of a distributor in a coil ignition system of I.C. engines is
  2. The ratio of the volume of charge admitted at N.T.P. to the swept volume of the piston is called
  3. The knocking in diesel engines may be prevented by
  4. A fuel of cetane number 40 has the same ignition quality as a mixture of
  5. In a naturally aspirated diesel engine, the air is supplied by
  6. In a four stroke cycle diesel engine, the exhaust valve
  7. Which is more viscous lube oil?
  8. The reason for supercharging in any engine is to
  9. A diesel engine has
  10. The combustion in compression ignition engines is
  11. Alpha-methyl-naphthalene (C₁₁ H₁₀) has a cetane number of
  12. In a four stroke cycle diesel engine, the inlet valve
  13. In the crankcase method of scavenging, the air pressure is produced by
  14. A diesel engine, during suction stroke, draws
  15. In an internal combustion engine, the process of removing the burnt gases from the combustion chamber…
  16. In loop scavenging, the top of the piston is
  17. The pressure inside the cylinder is _________ the atmospheric pressure during the exhaust stroke.
  18. The theoretically correct air fuel ratio for petrol engine is of the order of
  19. The accumulation of carbon in a cylinder results in increase of
  20. Gaseous fuel guarantees are based on
  21. A diesel engine has compression ratio from
  22. Which of the following statement is correct regarding normal cetane?
  23. Which of the following statement is correct regarding petrol engines?
  24. Which of the following fuel has little tendency towards detonation?
  25. Compression loss in I.C engines occurs due to
  26. The ignition quality of petrol is expressed by
  27. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the expansion
  28. The increase of cooling water temperature in petrol engine will __________ the knocking tendency.
  29. In a diesel engine, the duration between the time of injection and ignition, is known as
  30. The frictional power (F.P.) is given by