Sea horse is a

A. fish

B. mammal

C. bird

D. none of these

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  1. The generic name of apple snail is
  2. Vertebrates possess
  3. Honey-bees belong to the phylum arthropoda and class
  4. Branchiostonta is an example of
  5. Presence of a vestigeal appendix in man suggests that our forebears were
  6. Which of the following animals has a diaphragm between the thorax and abdomen ?
  7. Bilateral symmetry, metameric segmentation, coelom and open circulatory system are characters of
  8. Which of the following shows deuteros- I tome condition ?
  9. Which of the group has no member having gliding or flying appendages ?
  10. Platyhelminthes are called
  11. Echis carinata is known as
  12. Which is the common character between all mammals ?
  13. Members of which phylum exhibit adaptations widely varied environmental conditions ?
  14. According / to Whittaker, the five kingdoms into which all living beings are classified are
  15. Body segments are said to be homono-mous when
  16. Temperature regulation is found in
  17. Largest animals belong to class
  18. Binomial system of nomenclature in classification was divided by Carolus Linnaeus. It provides the names…
  19. Character common in spider, cockroach and centipede is
  20. Which of the following is a matching set of the class and some of its main distinguishing features?
  21. Pheretivia is placed in class
  22. Structures built on a common plan, but modified during the course of evolution : to serve particular…
  23. Diploblastic acoelomate condition is found in
  24. Duck bill platypus is
  25. Sepia is also known as
  26. According to Aristotle's classification, animals were divided into
  27. The segmentation which affects both external and internal features represented in
  28. Monotremata is a group of animals which includes
  29. One of these is a metatherian mammal
  30. Aphrodite, commonly called as sea mouse is a/an