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What is the correct answer?


Select the correct match of the feature present in column I with its respective terms given in column II.
A. Presence of tap roots(i) Bryophyte and coralloid roots
B. The synergids and(ii) Pteridophytes antipodal cells degenerates after fertilization
C. The food is stored as(iii) Red algae floridean starch which is very similar to amylopectin and glycogen in structure
D. Presence of sporophyte(iv) Angiosperms which is not free living but attached to the photosynthetic gametophytes and derives nourishment from it
E. Members of this group(v) Gymnosperms are used for medicinal purposes, as soil binders and frequently grown as ornamentals

A. A-i B-ii C-iii D-iv E-v

B. A-iii B-v C-ii D-iv E-i

C. A-iii B-i C-v D-ii E-iv

D. A-v B-iv C-iii D-i E-ii

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