What is the correct answer?


Select the correct match of the types of neuron present in column I with its location given in column II.
Column IColumn II
A. Centrioles(i) Non-membrane bound organelle which helps in cell division
B. Fimbriae(ii) Special structure of bacteria which help them to attach with rocks in stream and also to host tissue
C. Endomembrane(iii) Includes those organelles system whose functions are coordinated
D. Mitochondria(iv) Divide by fission and site of aerobic respiration

A. A - (i), B - (ii), C - (iii), D - (iv)

B. A - (iii), B - (i), C - (ii), D - (iv)

C. A - (iii), B - (i), C - (iv), D - (ii)

D. A - (i), B - (iv), C - (iii), D - (ii)

Correct Answer :

B. A - (iii), B - (i), C - (ii), D - (iv)

Centriole is a non-membrane bound organelle which helps in cell division. It is composed mainly of a protein called tubulin. Fimbria is a special structure of bacteria. It is small bristle like fibres sprouting out of the cell and help bacterias to attach with rocks in stream and also to host tissue.
Endomembrane system includes those organelles (like ER, golgi body, lysosome, vacuole) whose functions are coordinated. Mitochondria are a double membrane cell organelle which divide by fission and site of aerobic respiration.

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