What is the correct answer?


Select the incorrect statement about prokaryotic ribosomes.

A. 50S and 30S subunits unite to form 70S ribosomes.

B. Polysome/polyribosome consists of many ribosomes only.

C. Ribosome is the site of protein synthesis.

D. Polysome indicate the synthesis of identical poolypeptide in multiple copies.

Correct Answer :

B. Polysome/polyribosome consists of many ribosomes only.

Prokaryotes have 70S ribosomes, each consisting of a small (30S) and a large (50S) subunit. Polyribosomes (or polysomes) are a cluster of ribosomes, bound to a mRNA molecule in translation during the process of protein synthesis. It was first discovered and characterized by Jonathan Warner, Paul Knopf, and Alex Rich in 1963. Polysomes indicate the synthesis of identical polypeptide in multiple copies.

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