Select the incorrect statement: Software engineers should

A. not use your technical skills to misuse other peoples computers.

B. not knowingly accept work that is outside your competence.

C. be dependent on their colleagues.

D. maintain integrity and independence in their professional judgment.

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  1. _____ refers to the elimination or reduction of third-party intermediaries between the client or customer.
  2. Which of the following the notation is not used to represent an object class in an object model?
  3. Design phase will usually be?
  4. In _________ approach to reuse, reusable knowledge is captured in a program generator system, which…
  5. Which of the following notation in data flow diagram is used to represent user interaction with system?
  6. State True or False. 1. Cultural differences are examples of inherited characteristics that affect the…
  7. ________________ exercises specific paths in a module's control structure to ensure complete coverage…
  8. The major advantage of bottom-up integration testing is__________.
  9. Which of the following is not aspects to fault tolerance.?
  10. Open source development model best suits for _____.
  11. Identify the correct statement: Software engineers shall
  12. _____ interacts with the system at the financial level.
  13. ____________ serves as the foundation for software engineering.
  14. State True or False. 1. People have different software needs that change over time. 2. Most computer…
  15. Explain what is meant by PRODUCT with reference to one of the eight principles as per the ACM/IEEE Code…
  16. In Software Engineering, people are considered as a/an _____.
  17. _____ interoperate with systems at a mobile or remote level in order to access inventory, check prices,…
  18. The spiral model of software development___________
  19. _____ was an improved version of an earlier process model called the Nine-Phase, Stage-Wise model.
  20. What is meant by the term software crisis?
  21. Process technology enabled the support of the rapid application development needed for iterative approaches…
  22. Assertion and condition which are true at the point of execution
  23. _____ asserted that, for a process model to be effective, it must exhibit multidimensional characteristics.
  24. The name for the way that computers manipulate data into information is called:
  25. Select the incorrect statement: Software engineers should
  26. ISO stands for _____.
  27. UAN stands for _____.
  28. _____ is the open source software.
  29. State True or False. 1. People are at the core of problem solving because business problems are solved…
  30. Which of the following is a the process metric which is useful for assessing maintainability?