Service tax is an example of

A. Direct Tax

B. Indirect Tax

C. Mixed Tax

D. None of the above

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  1. A 100% Export Eriented Undertaking is exempted from obtaining registration.
  2. A manufacturer may be exempted from payment of excise duty if he proves that the goods are unfit for…
  3. The basic objective of service tax is
  4. In relation to Excise Duty form AR-1 is to be submitted for clearing goods under
  5. The claim for refund of excess Service Tax paid has to be made within _______________ from the date…
  6. Input credit of Service Tax can be availed only if the final service is of the same category as that…
  7. Form ST-3, in connection with Service Tax, is to be filed on half-yearly basis.
  8. In India service tax had been levied on the recomendation of
  9. In a financial year, turnover of upto _________________ is exempted from payment of Central Excise duty.
  10. In relation to Excise Duty, fresh application for registration has to be made for an already registered…
  11. In case of service tax all appeals , relating to matters of valuation & classification , against order…
  12. SSI unit stands for
  13. In case of removal of goods to be destroyed under supervision of Central Excise Officer, the invoice…
  14. Total number of services brought under Service Tax net through Finance Act, 2005 is 10.
  15. The Document to be enclosed with the application for registration under Excise Rules is / are
  16. Excise related records cannot be maintained on computer hard disks.
  17. There is no service tax on
  18. The annual turnover of a SSI unit (under non-CENVAT SCHEME) is Rs.60 Lakhs. The amount of duty payable…
  19. An event management company charged Rs.50,000 from his client for the services rendered by him. The…
  20. The taxable event under Central Excise law is
  21. The Registration Certificate is issued within _______________________ days of receipt of application…
  22. Service Tax is levied by the Central Government
  23. Excise Duty is to be paid through ________________ challan.
  24. A person manufacturing excisable goods with "nil rate" of Excise Duty does not have to apply for registration.
  25. Remission of excise duty can be applied for in case of destruction of goods by
  26. In case of centralised billing system only one application is required in respect of all the premises…
  27. Service tax is payble on service even if provided is abrod
  28. An appeal to the Apellate Tribunal, in connection with Service Tax, has to be made within ___________…
  29. The New ECC of a registered excise dealer having PAN IAVSG2356X is IAVSG2356X XD 001.
  30. Return of Service Tax is to be furnished to be to the Superintendent of ______________ in Form ______________.